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Packaging and Labeling 

Comprehensive solution includes:

  • Label design ( Regulatory compliant, maintain adhesion at 15°C to 25°C, 2°C to 8°C, -25°C to -15°C and -80°C to -60°C.

  • Label printing ( variable data printing).

  • Labels applications


Performed under manufacturers and FDA guidelines.

Follow strict SOPs

Global Storage 

  • Ambient: 15-25C°

  • Refrigerated: 2-8C°

  • Frozen: -25°C - 15C°

  • Ultra Low: -80°C to -60°C


Our ambient and cold storage areas are monitored and recorded by the state of art temperature and humidity monitoring system 24/7 with SMS alarms and email notifications on any deviations or excursions.

Global Distribution

  • Ambient, temperature-controlled, and cold chain

  • Our professional staff provides prompt delivery reports and temperature reading records. 


RefDrug tracks all the shipment status and keeps scanned records of temperature logger reports and dispatch forms.


Returns and Destruction

  • A full inspection, and reconciliation of return and disposal services according to the company’s strict internal SOPs.

  • Easy returns, reliable and safe storage of returned IP

We provide comprehensive support and ensure full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

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